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december 28, 2018

The Organic Energy Project Energy Drink – 24stk/1 kasse

259.00 DKK

100% organic and natural energy drink.

High level of caffeine

The guarana berry provides a clean and natural source of caffeine. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system in a way, that when consumed in the right amounts, promotes alertness and concentration, which can result in improved mental performance and cognitive capacities. One can contains 32 mg/100 ml which is the maximum allowed in Denmark.

Long lasting increase in blood sugar

As different sugars have different digestion rates they’re also absorbed in the blood at various speeds and hence converted to energy at different rates. With this in mind, we have designed the sugar and carbohydrates in OE to release a sound and steady supply of sugars to the bloodstream, resulting in balanced and sustained energy boost and better endurance.

Long term anti-inflammatory effects

The starting point for every productive day is a body in balance. Joint and muscular pain, overuse injuries and weakened immune system are all connected to inflammation in the body. Consuming anti inflammatory food is proven to counteract this and ginger is known for it’s powerful anti-inflammatory substances, gingerols.

The 25cl organic energy contains approx. the same ginger as 4cl standard danish ginger shot.

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